Saturday, December 6, 2008

Life isn't fair...but its still good :)

Sometimes one doesn't realize what good a "walk" or a "run" alone with oneself can's not going great these day today just did not go as the time it was twilight...i was feeling completely drained out!! that time i just got up and decided to head to sirifort sports complex for a run...when i stepped out of my was cold and chilly...i stopped for 5 seconds nd thought that sitting at home and reading was a better option...but then suddenly decided to go ahead with my i reached there and started to run....i felt weird for about half a km (its a one km track out there)....the wind seemed like a storm...trying to break me with all its power...the whislting noices from the trees sounded like ghosts running after me trying to scare me away....but slowly as i moved ahead....the stress seemed to be coming out of my system...i began to notice the ppl running with me...doesnt mean i was checking them out :-p....but just observing them....they all seemed like identical versions of mine...with their own set of difficulties nd problems...thats when i felt that i was running in a marathon...a marathon called life...i didn't know at that time whether i shall win or loose...but i certainly knew that i needed to be out there and face everything while keeping my strength the end of the run...i stopped for 5 minutes and gazed at the the entire scene that was right there is front of me....i felt rejuvenated...every1's life is tough in their own different don't ever compare your life to have no idea about what their journey is all about :)

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